Vision and Mission

The vision of Parlamış Group
It is to be one of the worldwide textile brands as a leading brand in our native textile sector by improving competetive open systems with all textile companies in our country.
The mission of Parlamış Group
Parlamis Group aims to provide high quality services to the customers with the awareness of constant customer and company satisfaction in the textile sector and to create additional value even beyond the customer expectations by the services.
The values of Parlamis Group
Parlamis Group respects to laws, public order and public morals.
Parlamis Group respects to human life, human rights, and employee rights.
Parlamis Group respects to customer values and privacy.
Parlamis Group respects to ecological system and acts responsibly in protection of environment.
Parlamis Group believes in egalitarian and participatory management principles.
Parlamis Group approaches to all customers equally and treats in principle of trust