Health and Safety

All occupational health and safety studies are organized upon which are planned in yearly basis in Parlamis Group. These studies produce constructive solutions by discussions and brain storms in “Occupational Health and Safety Council” every month of which administration, health and safety officer and occupational physician are participants.
- To work totally to take precautions by identifying the insufficent safety conditions and performing site inspections periodically.
- To perform health inspections by the contribution of occupational physician to take precautions against any sort of biological, physiological and ergonomic risks that the employees may be exposed inside the factory.
- To organize emergency drill and give educational practice to emergency teams.
- To arrange meetings for employees about occupational health and safety subjects continuously and keep consciousness at highest level.
- To inform employees about their legal rights and responsibilities and to protect them from the risks that may occur in the work area.
- To supply the most appropriate and actual safety equipment and organize information meetings about these equipments.